Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friends of the yesterdays

Its really hard, I tried hard.

I've been trying so hard to reconcile our friendship. Even though you hurt me every time we meet, I still keep it inside, smile and try to talk with you. But, you give ma no chance at all. I tried creating topics, one after another. Yet, you're not listening to me, not talking to me, not even looking at me. It's like i'm invisible. 10 years of friendship its really difficult to have it and I wanted us to be friends forever. But it seems like you don't have to will to continue in the show.

Do you know how hard it was to be misunderstood by everyone? I cried all the time because of the ways you guys treated me. You've been telling others about me, stuffs that's not true. People buy it and make that kind of stare at me every time I walked in. I was rejected by everyone! Nobody wanna to talk to me nobody cares about me! You guys chat like i'm not there!

You guys doesn't care for me, when I was sick, when my grandpa die, when I had problems with my studies....None of you care and yet, I continue smile to everyone on Sundays and concern about all your life.

Friends are not suppose to be like that.
Friends are suppose to be there when they need each other.
Friends are suppose to listen and talk to each other when one's having a rough time.
Friends are suppose to laugh and cry together no matter what happen....

I love everyone of you, but nobody give a shit of what's happening to me.

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